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Garage Door Dimensions

Posted on 17th April 2019 by Zap Garage Doors

The sharp rise in popularity of bespoke garage doors has caused ‘standard’ garage door sizes to fade. Many homeowners are now choosing to have their garage door tailor-made to their custom requirements, factoring in the dimensions of the building itself and the function of the garage space.

Despite this, some garage door sizes are still more common than others, and most manufacturers will provide certain sizes as standard. This article is going to provide all the info that you need to know about garage door dimensions, including what the typical measurements are and how to ensure you receive a garage door of the correct size.

What is the size of a standard garage door?

Single garage doors are typically designed to ensure that at least one vehicle can fit inside, be it a car, SUV or small van. You will, therefore, find that standard garage door dimensions reflect a similar height and width as these vehicles.

Typical sizes are:

  • 7ft x 7ft
  • 8ft x 7ft
  • 9ft x 7ft
  • 10ft x 7ft

Double garage doors provide space for two vehicles. A double garage door may also be a better choice for particularly large vehicles, such as a caravan, to enter and exit with ample space.

Typical sizes of double garage doors are:

  • 12ft x 7ft
  • 14ft x 7ft
  • 16ft x 7ft

It’s also important to consider the space needed to open the door. Up and over garage doors operate by turning horizontally and protruding outwards before folding back into the garage. Greater depth is required for this operation than alternative doors, such as the roller door, which simply retracts and extends vertically.


Zap Garage Door Sizes Infographic

How to obtain the perfect garage door

Measuring will be key to ensuring you receive a practical garage door. You’ll first want to measure any vehicle you wish to house inside your garage, to ensure it can fit comfortably without the risk of getting damaged every time you enter and exit. You’ll also want to measure the garage itself — both the height and the width — as well as the external depth. These measurements can deduce which garage doors and mechanisms would be suitable and which would not.

Measurements, especially vehicle and depth measurements, are not always easy to obtain accurately. We recommend investing in professional garage door specialists who can take pinpoint accurate measurements for you. They will ensure that all measurements are correct and can even offer instant advice and recommendations based on their findings.

Bespoke garage doors

Sometimes the standard garage doors on the market don’t match your requirements. In these cases, bespoke garage doors may be your answer. They’re custom made to fit the exact dimensions you need. Plus, they can be finished in custom colours or designs to match your own personal style or enhance kerb appeal.

At Zap Garage Doors, we offer a free measuring service, along with hundreds of garage door options, to help you find your perfect garage door. To enquire further, give our friendly team a call today.


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