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How to Make Your Garage Secure

Posted on 29th May 2019 by Zap Garage Doors

Garages, especially those that are connected directly to your home, are often prime targets for criminals. One of the best ways to maximise the security of your garage is to install a garage door possessing all the latest security features. Many modern garage doors are available with euro profile cylinder locking systems and multi-point locking systems to counter any break-in attempts.

In addition to a secure garage door, we’ll be explaining the many simple ways you can improve the security of your garage.

Keep it closed

  • It sounds simple enough, but many people don’t think twice about leaving the garage door ajar, especially if they’re just round the corner. The issue here is that many criminals are extremely opportunistic. It only takes a few seconds for them to slip in and out when you’re not looking. To minimise the risk of theft, always keep your garage door closed when its out of your line of sight.

Keep it locked

  • Again, simple yet effective. Be regimented with your garage security and ensure you always lock it after using it. You may also find that insurance companies require you to lock your garage door to be eligible for receiving compensation.

Keep the remote with you

  • If you’ve got an automated garage door, your remote control is essentially the key. Don’t leave the remote control in obvious places, such as inside your car. Keep it on your person or in a safe place.

Cover your windows

  • If your garage door has windows, make sure they are either either frosted or covered with curtains. Clear windows grant potential intruders the ability to peer in, noting the location of valuable items or routes into the rest of your home.

Install motion-detecting lights, CCTV cameras or alarms

  • There are a plethora of security applications available on the market that can bolster the security of your garage. Motion-detecting lights will illuminate the area if someones gets unexpectedly close to your garage. This should hopefully ward off any intruders before they even attempt to break in.
    CCTV cameras not only work as a deterrent but also enable you to obtain video evidence of criminal activity in the event that a break in does occur.
    Alarms will be helpful if you aren’t home, as the loud ringing will alert neighbours to the break in.

Keep the radio on

  • This handy little trick will fool potential intruders into thinking someone is in the garage. If you’re concerned about constant music being too noisy for the neighbours, switch your radio to a conversational channel and have it play fairly quietly. At the right volume, intruders will think there are people inside the garage having a conversation.

As Yorkshire’s premier garage door supplier, Zap Garage Door aims to keep your garage secure and stylish. We offer a huge range of garage doors, featuring a variety of security features and style options, enabling you to find a garage door that will keep your home protected while also boosting its kerb appeal. If you’d like to learn more about our products, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.



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